Business Owner, Author, Actor and International Speaker who has coached and trained millions in over 70 countries

Meet Ben Chai

Born in East London, at the age of 21 Ben was not destined for success. He barely graduated with a degree in maths and computer science and for the first few years slept on his friend’s floor with several other people.

Since then Ben has overcome many personal and business challenges to create multimillion companies in technology, security, property, hospitality, media, education and training.

He became one of the first technologists to obtain the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer qualification and the Microsoft Certified Trainer award. He has held most of the C-level positions in Marketing, Finance, Editorial, Technology, Security and Risk.

“Think about YOUR life. The people you want in your life. The business you want in your life. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the way forward in all aspects of your life!”

Ben Chai is a Highly Educated, Qualified and Experienced Actor, Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur Trainer and Coach

Highly Sought by Major Media

Ben Chai has been interviewed and featured by national TV, radio, newspapers and magazines with audiences in the millions, as a business coaching expert contributor. Interviewed on radio and TV including BBC1, SKY TV, Eurogen TV, Business Connections TV and many other channels in South Africa, India, Albania, Greece and Singapore.

Ben is highly active in media, as an editorial director for 15+ magazines and on-line websites. He has hosted several radio shows, had his own television show, and acted in several theatre productions, films, and TV shows.

Ben Chai Training & Coaching

Training and Coaching

Employees and Entrepreneurs know the importance of training themselves and their staff to increase their personal and business productivity and profitability. Productivity and profitability is dependent on having the correct mindset, the correct business tools, and the correct motivation.  You and your staff will profit from the unique insights and personally created life and business roadmaps when being trained and coached by Ben Chai and his team.

Custom Workshops

Ben is a qualified educator who has delivered exceptional training and inspirational workshops to upgrade the quality and skills of corporations round the world. As a result many of his customers have become fans due to the exceptional benefits received from his bespoke workshops that has helped improve their performance and productivity

Home-Study Packages

  • How to get everything you have ever wanted in your life.
  • How to meet and connect with millionaires and investors.
  • How to swim with the sharks of the property world.
  • How to use social media for profit and branding.
  • How to write for profit.
  • How to create your own life and business roadmap.

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Client Results

"Ben is an incredibly talented business savvy entrepreneur. He understands the importance of using online digital marketing to generate sales revenue. His conversion rate is out of this world..."
Dao Nguyen
MD, Adjust Social
"A big thank you to my dear friend Ben Chai for sharing his knowledge with us on this branding workshop. Truly valuable content on the importance of branding yourself and your business..."
Jessica Finn
"I have known and worked with Ben for many years as an IT trainer at Learning Tree and as an Editor and Journalist at BackOffice Magazine. Ben is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone."
Geoff Ballard
CTO, Ballard Chalmers
"Ben is an amazing communicator with world class verbal and written skills. He entertains jis audiences in a unique way that drives understanding and engagement. Ben is a gifted thinker with a unique and differentiated way of looking at problems that truly adds value and delivers solutions."
Steve O'Donnell

Real World Education

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